MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 08 | Dr Aruna Tilak (Ayurvedic Doctor)

751 beats

Dr. Aruna Tilak is an Ayurvedic doctor. She has studied B.A.M.S, C.C.G, and C.G.O.She has her clinic in Ghodbunder, Thane where she practices ayurvedic consulting.

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 06 | Dr Pradnya Ajinkya (Psychological Counsellor)

347 beats

Dr. Pradnya Jayant Ajinkya, Ph.D. A.M, is an Occupational Psychological Counsellor in Mumbai, India. (Specialized in  Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling) from India. She is a Professional Member of the American Counselling... Read More

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 05 | Dr. Animesh Kumar (Orthopedic Surgeon)

674 beats

Dr. Animesh Kumar is an orthopedic surgeon with 7 years of experience. He did his graduation from Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central, Mumbai. After that he went to Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata to pursue Diploma in Orthopaedics. He did his DNB... Read More

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 04 | Dr. Nitin Dedhia (Opthalmologist)

359 beats

Dr. Niteen Dedhia is one of the pillars of Ojas Laser Eye Surgery Centre. Being an exemplary and expertise in Ophthalmic treatments, Dr. Niteen Dedhia has been conferred with degrees and honored with renowned awards. At first, it all started with... Read More

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 03 | Dr. Suman (Gynaecologist)

553 beats

Dr. Suman Bijlani is a Consultant at the  Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  in Kohinoor Hospital.Dr. Suman has over 18 years of rich experience in her field  and is a reputed doctor.

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 02 | Mudassir Patel (Fitness Trainer)

602 beats

Mudassir Patel   ACSM certified personal trainer and NSCA function training coach.  Athlete and brand ambassador of Absolute Nutrition. A sports massage therapist by movement.   Jerai Overall Winner 2017. Men's... Read More

MedSpread Season 2 series 01 Ep 01 | Dr Deepak Patel (Surgeon)

859 beats

Dr. Deepak Patel M.B.B.S.  M.S.(MUM), A.F.I.H.(MUM),  Diploma in Endoscopy (Germany) Consultant Surgeon / Gastro-Enterologist / Occupation Health Consultant / Endoscopist  

MedSpread Season 1 series 2 Ep 8 I Dr Pragati Singh ( Asexuality )

527 beats

Dr. Pragati Singh, a medical doctor who is passionate about mental health and se*ual health, has been accepted to present an original research paper on asexuality at the WAS conference. Broadly, her research study disproves large myths associated... Read More

MedSpread Season 1 series 2 Ep 7 I Dr Gayatri Deshpande (Early stage of Pregnancy)

381 beats

Dr. Gayatri Deshpande is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai and has an experience of 16 years in this field.