Inspiring Survivor Stories

The man who cheated death thrice!

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He still had the spirit of a fighter alive in him   When Michael Crossland was just 11 months old, he was diagnosed with a deadly, rare and incurable type of cancer – ‘stage 4 Neuroblastoma’ which affects the central... Read More

She pledged to face the toughest game of life

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An amputated leg couldn’t stop her from reaching the top of the world. In 2011, a national level volleyball player, Arunima Sinha from Uttar Pradesh was pushed out of a moving train by some robbers when she refused to hand them her gold... Read More

What it feels like when your body becomes your enemy

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  Being a celebrity, surrounded by lights and camera all the time might seem very lavish and idealistic. However, we never know the real truth until we step into someone else’s shoes. A living and inspiring example of this proves to be... Read More

And Just Like That, I Went From Survivor To Now Having an Expiration Date

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Cindy, who was living her life to the fullest, planning her retirement with her husband, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46. During one of her interview, she shared her inspiring story. She said, “Last year I rode Tour de Pink... Read More

I felt like a failure to my family

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Cancer can be a sad path or an inspiring lesson, your choice depends upon how you want to survivor it. Stomach cancer survivor Roy Arredondo made his choices and learned from his journey.   Arredondo was 33 years old in 2012 and working in... Read More

I started loving and respecting myself more" | Story of a last stage cancer survivor

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Mother, guide, gamer...Farida Rizwan wears numerous caps with panache. Still, she owns a queen size crown and that is of a survivor. She is the fourth individual from her family to be determined to have malignancy. Her dad was tormented in 1992, her... Read More

Lets salute these 15 Inspiring Survivors |Independence Special

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This 73rd Independence day, let’s Get knowledge and inspiration from the powerful stories of survivors who have been right where you are. These survivors share words of inspiration, wisdom, hope, and support in these stories about how their... Read More

Cancer Survivor Starts His Day by Thanking His Wife

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A cancer diagnosis can be life-changing, seriously influencing connections and the people near the person in question. In any case, this cancer survivor affectionately recalls how his better half remained his mainstay of help all through his... Read More

She wanted to see her child grow but doctors asked to abort

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Michelle Jahnke, she was always on the top 4 years ago, she was a proficient television news producer, world traveller, wife, avid runner and was "as healthy as can be." Her life became more blissful when she found out that she is pregnant... Read More

'I ended up with burns on my face' says the survivor Geeta Tandon

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To be a stuntman one needs to have guts and a lot of training. It’s not an easy task to Jump through the glass, driving cars at break-neck speeds, being set on fire and so on. In India, it’s a rare occupation for women, only smatterings... Read More