Stroke recovery exercises for paralysis

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If a person is suffering from the stroke of paralysis, the most necessary step towards recovery is ‘movement’ – movement of muscles and joints. However, it is to be noted that these movementsor rather ‘stroke recovery exercises’ are to be done under proper guidance as prescribed by physicians. Moreover, it is to be noted that these exercises are to be done in the right direction. Also, in the initial stages of stroke recovery exercises, the patient is advised to sort help from someone. Though, exercises prove to of varied benefits to every individual, elaborated below are exercises specifically recommended for paralysis patients to yield the effect of recovery:


1] Balance Exercise:

The most effective loss brought by paralysis is the loss of balance. Hence, the first step towards an approach to recovery would be trying to regain balance as this loss makes everyday activities troublesome. This exercise involves extending your left legs outwards and then getting it back to the original position. The same is to be repeated for the right leg.


2] Knee Exercise:

For this exercise, it is necessary to hold on to a small table for the sake of balance. After doing so, one need to stand straight on the strength of one leg, the other leg has to be in front for 10 seconds. The same is to be repeated for the other day.


3] Thigh Exercise:

In the case of this exercise, the patient is supposed to sit on a chair. Thereafter, he or she has to lift one of the legs to his chest. The position has to be held for few seconds before assuming the initial position and moving on to the other leg for repeating the same movement.


4] Knee Extension:

This exercise has to be performed in a sitting position, on a chair. Firstly, the right leg has to be extended outwards completely, in a linear position, parallel to the floor. The particular leg has to be held in that position for around 15 seconds. The leg has to be brought back to the floor and the same is to be performed on the right leg.


The above-mentioned exercises are basic ones which are to be performed. However, the key is repetition. Effective recovery can only be seen when these are performed on a regular basis.


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Written by –

Padma Lekhi