All about the Mediterranean diet

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Mediterranean diet, as the name suggests is a diet which incorporates the healthy eating habits of Italy and Greece. This diet includes essentially a high intake of fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, and unsaturated fats. It includes consumption of a certain amount of meat, fish and dairy products. Apart from the recommended intake of food proportions, daily physical exercises also form a crucial part of this diet. Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of early death and heart diseases as well. This diet is also effective for weight loss. Although, this diet varies from culture to culture, giving below are the standard advised incorporations of food groups in a Mediterranean diet:


1] Starchy foods such as potatoes, rice and bread

2] Beans and pulses such as fish, meat, eggs, two portions of fish every week and other edibles including other proteins.

3] Five various fruits and vegetables every day. However, vegetables are to be taken as much as one’s metabolism can. For deserts, one is advised to consume fruits instead.

4] In the case of oil, unsaturated oil is advised but it is to be taken in small quantity.

5] Dairy products and dairy drinks, however low-fat and low-sugar products are to be included.

6] Approximately 8 glasses of fluid every day.

7] Seafood-fishes such as salmon, tuna, etc are to be eaten at least twice a day.


Health benefits from the Mediterranean diet

1] Cancer:

Mediterranean diet is observed to reduce the risk of cancer by 6%. Later, it was concluded from observations that this diet reduces the death rate from cancer.


2] Prevents heart diseases:

As the Mediterranean diet reduces, almost diminishes the intake of processed foods, refined bread, etc, this prevention of intake prevents heart diseases. Also, low saturated fats, high protein and low carbohydrate inclusive diet prevent cardiovascular diseases. 


3] Agility:

It is a renowned fact that increases in age causes risk of developing weakness of muscles. However, the proportions of food groups in the Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of the symptoms mentioned above.


4] Increases longevity:

Since the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of diseases like heart attack, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, it increases the mortality rate or longevity by approximately 20%.


5] Weight loss:

The recommended intake of food nutrients and the reduced intake of processed foods, etc, help in weight loss, especially for obese people.


Hence, the Mediterranean diet is highly beneficial in various aspects of Health | Beauty | Fitness. For a proper approach towards the mentioned factors, one should take up this diet. Consult our Diet Expert Miss Belly for more.


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Written by –

Padma Lekhi