Corona-virus hits India

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A rapidly spreading infection known as ‘coronavirus’ started its spread from China. More than 7711 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed and 170 associated deaths in China, it has also spread to 15 other countries. The health authorities are also working along every possible way to curb its spread. The Indian government had sent First flight of Air India’s 423 jumbo B747 plane to Wuhan for airlifting the Indians there and after that again second flight with the team of same doctors to bring Indians back. This plane is supported by 5 doctors and 1 paramedical staff. WHO declared the global health emergency after India got its first case of Coronavirus in Kerala.

Origin of Coronavirus

It is confirmed that the virus originated from the Wuhan city in China, this happened to spread in the food market last year in late December 2019, where health experts stated that it originated from Bats and then passed on amongst humans. This was deduced after comparing the genetic sequences in humans and animals. The initial cases of coronavirus associated with pneumonia were discerned in Wuhan. 

Coronavirus In India

The first Indian case of Coronavirus was detected in a girl who was amongst the batch of Malayali Medical students who had returned from Wuhan, China. All the students reported with the symptom of a sore throat. The girl was admitted in Thrissur’s general hospital and was kept under isolation. More than 1,300 individuals were bought under the surveillance and were under the observation for Coronavirus in Kerala. Among these 15 people are still undergoing the treatment and rest have been consigned back to their homes.  The major numbers of suspected cases were detected in Kozhikode with the number of 166 followed by other regions i.e Idukki (14), Wayanad (16), Thiruvananthpuram (83), Kollam (100), Ernakullam (153), etc. and it’s possible that these numbers would rise tremendously if appropriate precautions are not taken by the localities.


What is coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a group of viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses. Depending on the illness one is infected by, the impact of coronavirus differs from case to case. Most of the coronaviruses are non- threatening whereas some are. Coronavirus has been originated from the family of SARS i.e Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It is still not clear whether this virus is deadly or not, although various severe pneumonia cases can cause death of the patient.

Is Coronavirus life-threatening?

Coronavirus is associated with various symptoms out of which few are the general ones but some symptoms can cause serious conditions. Symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, pneumonia etc. are some of the deadly symptoms. It was observed that apart from these symptoms people with weak immune system or with pre-existing medical conditions were the most affected ones by coronavirus.

How coronavirus gets transmitted

Coronavirus can easily spread through close contact with the infected person through particles in the air while they cough or sneeze, or when someone touches the infected persons eyes, nose or mouth. To reduce the transmission of this disease it is suggested by the WHO to frequently wash the hands, cover the nose and mouth when sneezing & coughing, Avoid going to the public places.

Cure for Coronavirus

There is no absolute treatment for coronavirus in human beings nor there are particular medications invented by far for the treatment of Coronavirus.  However there are some recommendations to relieve the impact of the symptoms and they are as follows:

1] Use a room humidifier and take hot showers in case of cold.

2] Drink adequate liquid.

3] Taking enough rest.

4] Avoid heavy duties.

5] Eat home-made food.

Spread of Coronavirus

Various countries with the confirmed cases of coronavirus include Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Nepal, Malaysia, Australia, India, Cambodia, South-Korea, Srilanka, Thailand, Vietnam, USA & UAE.

Written By -

Dr. Padma Lekhi