From Fat to Fab-Story of Bollywoods ace Dancer-Ganesh Acharya

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Ganesh Acharya is one of the best Bollywood Choreographer came into limelight for his drastic weight loss. His amazing body transformation images broke the internet world. The National Award-winning choreographer, in his current appearances, has looked about half of his previous size - and that is because he has lost an incredible 85kg. His weight was around 150kg however, he had to put up 30-40kg for his film Hey Bro (2015) which then reached 200kg. So it was high time for him at that point of time. He stated, "while choreographing a song in a film Housefull 3, I felt an effect on my knee, and that is the point at which I understood, 'this is too much' His motivational factor behind his weight loss was to show people a different version of himself.

Ganesh Acharya’s Weight loss story:


He stated that it was very difficult for him initially and he had to follow the rigorous work out regime. His trainer had suggested him with low impact fitness routine because he was quite heavy to do any exercise. His story started with swimming. It took him about 15 days to learn floating. After swimming he directly used to head to the gym to train with weights. Initially, he barely used to work with dumbbells of five pounds. He then started recording his toil by putting in his lot’s of efforts for weight loss, so that one can see his journey through every 5-10 kilo’s. 1 and half year later he decided to take the help of medical science for faster and effective results.

Medical Science behind his weight loss:

Bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala is credited for Ganesh Acharya’s dramatic weight loss on which he agreed that he visited Dr Lakdawala and got the surgery done which helped him to shred about 85 Kilo’s of weight.



Weight Loss Diet: 

Acharya stated that as far as diet was concerned, he used to eat everything but only between 12 pm to 8 pm. While attending any family functions or gatherings he made it to the point that he used to be full by 5 or 6 pm so that he didn’t have to eat later. He made it sure to avoid home made food as far as possible, to which he credits his wife Vidhi Acharya for supporting him. She always provided him a delicious yet healthy alternative meals.

Rewarding sweat:

Individuals who lose weight are rewarded with the altered size labels on clothes. Acharya states that he shifted from 7XL to L size of clothes for which he is very happy. He is no more worried about sitting on chairs, lest they break. He also stated that Producer Sajjid Nadiadwala had gifted him a sizeable chair which he has still kept in his dance studio. He says I still use it, but while the chair is still big, I’ve become smaller. He was very firm in his routines and never skipped his time-table because of his hectic schedule. Which rewarded his hardwork.

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Written by: Shraddha Jumani