Hantavirus takes birth in China amid Corona Virus Pandemic

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Amidst the battle from Covid-19 outbreak a new virus seems to spread its fear amongst Chinese citizens, while 1 death reported in China’s residents of Yunan’s province. China’s Global times tweeted saying one man in their country tested positive for Hantavirus while State Media mentioned that he died on a bus while traveling to Shandong province.

What exactly is Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a virus that is transmitted by rodents. It is a family of viruses that can show varied diseases syndrome in people. Rodent infestation around the home remains is the primary risk of Hantavirus exposure. While this disease does not spreads from human to human but a person can easily get infected if they touch any rodent droppings, urine or any nesting material and simultaneously touches eyes, nose or mouth states face sheet of Centers for disease control prevention. The incubation period of Hantavirus is about 1-5 weeks.

Symptoms of Hantavirus:

  1. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) - Early symptoms of HPS include muscle aches, fever, and fatigue, pain in thighs, hip, back & shoulders. The infected person would also experience chills, abdominal problems, dizziness & headache. Lung congestion & fluid accumulation in the lungs also get developed. During its late symptoms usually, after 4-10 days coughing and shortness of breath is most commonly observed. In the final stage, it becomes highly fatal. It is very essential to receive timely treatment before it reaches the final stage.
  2. Hemorrhagic fever with Renal Syndrome – If a person is suffering from HFRS symptoms are not reflected initially but after 2 weeks of symptoms start reflecting, sometimes in rare cases, it may also take 7-8 weeks to show up the syndrome. Symptoms include intense headaches, fever & chills, nausea, blurred vision, coughing. Severe symptoms include acute shock, low blood pressure, kidney failure, vascular leakage & lung failure.

There is no specific treatment or vaccine available for Hantavirus just like Coronavirus but the patient is provided with the Intensive care facility and all the respiratory support. Chest X-ray helps in providing additional evidence and clarity about the Hantavirus diagnosis. Whether it be Coronavirus or Hantavirus the major precautionary care for human beings is to stay hygienic and to maintain an appropriate distance from un-well humans and animals.

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