How to take care of Senior Citizens during Diwali

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Festive is for all and everyone from kids to adults to senior citizens loves enjoying every bit of it. We Indians have our strong tradition to seek the blessing of the elder people on Diwali. Most of the senior citizens of India join with their family and partake in the Diwali festivity, but there are a significant number of senior citizens who have medical problems and Diwali festivities can be a huge problem to them and their health.


We should be additional watchful while caring for the senior citizens amid Diwali, because the noise and air pollution may represent a few wellbeing dangers for them. Quite many times, we are immersed in the blissful festival of Diwali and disregard the senior people groups of our home, who need our special care and attention on the Diwali.


Take the following precaution while celebrating the Diwali if you have elderly persons in your house:

•   Always see to that the elderly persons are not around while you clean the house for the Diwali, the dust that arises due cleaning may get into their respiratory system and may cause respiratory problems. Take extra precautions if the elderly are suffering from Asthma or Bronchitis. It is highly recommended to use the vacuum cleaner while cleaning.
•   The elderly people with a problem in the central nervous system, lung and heart are highly affected by the dust, and the heavy metals lead, cadmium present in the firecrackers may cause breathing problems, hence it is advised to keep the medications and nebulizers handy.
•   The pollutants and dust aroused during the Diwali festival take a minimum of three days to settle down, so the post the Diwali function, care should be taken to protect the elderly person from pollution minimum for three days.
•   Kindly be patient with your parents or grandparents, if they become irritable due to hypertension and stress caused by noise pollution during Diwali.
•   The sudden shock developed by hearing the cracker sound may lead to cardiac arrest. Hence, If there is an elderly person in the house, do make sure that you go out and burst crackers in a safe distance.
•  The excessive noise pollution may cause tiredness, headache, appetite loss, impaired visual clarity, sleepless for elderly people. So make sure that elderly people with health problems stay indoors in a calm room. Bring down the curtains and close the windows to minimize the effect of air and noise pollution.
•  If the elderly in your house is suffering from respiratory diseases like Asthma, common cold, pneumonia, sinusitis, etc., kindly consult a doctor before the Diwali and learn from him about how to take care of elderly people and confirm with him if the dosage is needed to increase to cope up the noise and air pollution on Diwali festival.


The prevention is always better than cure, hence on Diwali beside the happy celebration show your love and care to your parents, grandparents and protect them from the noise and air pollution.


Written by –

Shivani Sharma