Quick Bhai Dooj Gift ideas

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Just like Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj is also one of those sweet festivals that strengthens the beautiful sibling bond with a twist. For a change, the brothers will get a gift. It can be really confusing to gift something to the brothers because they are so choosy even when they know that boys have limited gifting options, but don't worry as always we sisters dependably discover something better. So, we have recorded a couple of gifting thoughts that you can bless your sibling with on this bhaidooj and be the best sister!

1.  Bombay Shaving Co. 3 Pack Shaving kit –

Exfoliates lathers and restores Products designed to take the monotony out of your shave. The scrub refreshes you. The brush and cream lather and moisturise. We even took the sting out of the post- shave balm. All you need is something to shave with. Included: Scrub, Cream, Brush, Balm and Towel

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2.  Brahma Bull Face Care Kit

A face scrub made with Green coffee extracts and essentials oils and walnut granules that will scrub off the dust and dirt off your skin. This scrub contains anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

•    Include face wash, face scrub and lotion

•    Reduce acne and pimples

•    Helps in oil control

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3.  Brahma bull Beard Growth Oil –

Brahma Bull Beard Growth Oil is enriched with Active Root Energisers, a breakthrough formulation comprising of hair re-growth molecules that have a three-way action on the affected hair follicles: Stimulates beard growth provide 5 times faster beard growth Ingredients - argan oil lemongrass oil rosemary cayenne pepper vitamin b vitamin e coconut oil.

Massage 2-3 drops deep into the facial region and beard desired areas, once daily in order to see the best results

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4.  Organic Wellness Real Tulsi Ginger

OW_REAL Tulsi Ginger is a mouth-freshening blend of pure Tulsi and strong Ginger. Tulsi is a great stress reliever. Rich in antioxidants, it helps eliminate toxins from the body that cause free-radical damage to cells. Tulsi helps in preventing the formation of gastric ulcers and provides a soothing feeling. Ginger aids in digestion and being a carminative helps in preventing cramps as a result of gas in the stomach.

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5.  Six Nutrition 100%  Whey Protein

Six Pack Nutrition 100% Whey is an optimum blend of the highest quality whey protein concentrate and fast absorbing whey protein Isolate. Six Pack Nutrition 100% Whey is a superior scientific blend which delivers 25gm of protein per serving. It is a heavy duty product which provides high protein content while keeping the fat and carbohydrates to a minimum. It mixes instantly, tastes great and is available in four great flavours.

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Happy Bhai Dooj!


Written by –

Shivani Sharma