7 days Fitness challenge

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It’s December, the wedding season is on plus the Christmas and New Year are nearby, don’t you wanna look perfectly fit? I know, it’s not possible to achieve the desired body so soon but you can easily tone it a bit before the occasion occurs. Let’s take this 7 days Fitness challenge and work that body out.

Follow the mentioned exercises every day for a week (as per the instruction)

Do the bridge

•  First, lie down comfortably on a mat, then place your feet in front of your hips. Push in with your heels and up with your butt, bringing the body to a bridge position.

•  Pull one knee toward your face, keeping the foot flexed and back straight. Repeat using the other leg.

•  3 sets – 10 reps each.


 Build abs of steel with PLANK.

Plank helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body so it’s a good full body work out. 

•  Start in a resting position.

•  Pull your body up gradually as you bend your elbows and lay your weight on your lower arms and not on your hands.

•  Always keep your body in a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

•  Engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine.

•  Hold this position without bending for a minute.

•  Do 3 sets 1 min each.



•  Lunge forward with your left arm grasping the dumbbell. Curve your arm on the knee that is at a correct edge. With your weight, focus on driving the elbow back while conveying the weight to your chest.

•  It is all about balancing, you'll push straight through to the last rep. Repeat on the other side of the body.

•  3 sets– 10 reps each side.

Need to clean your room? Do it while LUNGING.

•  Begin off remaining with your feet squarely under your hips. Stepping back with your left foot, swing it across the other leg into a deep curtsy. Then, swing that leg out to the side as you come up, twisting into a side lunge.

•  Repeat focusing on the other leg.

•  3 sets – 10 reps each side.

How about some SIDE PLANK.

•  Get into a sideboard, squaring your bowed elbow under your shoulder. Move carefully, plunging your hip down to the ground and gradually raising it back to the starting position.

•  When you've done your reps, flip over and repeat.

•  Do 3 sets 1 min each on both the side.

SQUAT for booty that'll turn heads when you're out. 

•  Holding a dumbbell in each hand, slowly lower into a weighted squat. As you come up, pivot the right food and turn at an angle, raising one arm straight above you. At that point, sink once more into the squat as you swing to face forwards.

•  This move can be a little tricky, so don't be discouraged if it takes you a few tries to get the form absolutely perfect.

•  3 sets –20 reps each.

Breathe easy after your CRUNCHES

This exercise will maintain strong abs and helps to prevent back pain, boost your agility, and increase your flexibility.

•  Lie on your back and extend your arms up, at that point gradually raise one of your legs, bowed at the knee, and contact it with your hand.

•  Return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg and arm. Keep in mind about the primary standard here the left arm goes to the left leg, and the right arm goes to the right one.

•  3 sets – 10 reps each.

PS – In case of any excessive pain avoid it (minor pain is normal)and don’t use weights that are too heavy for you. Also, don’t overdo these especially if you have any health issue.


- Written by -

Shivani Sharma