7 ways to keep your house safe for Asthmatics

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If you are asthmatic, home is one place where you feel safe and secured. Just like many others for you, it is a place to relax, after long hours at the work. That is why it is important to make our home a place where you can live in peace. For asthmatic people, there is nothing worse than aggravating your condition simply by stepping inside your front door. This is why it is essential to ensure your home is Asthma-proof.


With the 10 tips found below, you can make your home safe and Allergy-free:

1. Clean your pillow and mattress regularly – Dust is the worst enemy for Asthmatics. When they are exposed to Dust Mites the symptoms increase. These Dust mite particles are hidden in pillows, mattresses, carpeting and upholstered furniture. Make your house dust mites free by covering your pillows, mattress with dust proof cases and by washing your bed sheets every alternative day in hot water. Dust your house on the regular basis.


2. No Smoking in the house- With second-hand smoke containing Tar, Carbon mono oxide, nicotine and other harmful chemicals; No matter who smoke, everyone is going to suffer. So take it outside the house or stop smoking.


3. Choose the correct flooring- Chose the hard flooring as regular carpets trap dust and allergens. To reduce the exposure to common Allergens daily wet mopping is important.


4. Keep your house dry- Moisture leads to the growth of mold (fungus); Keep your windows open while cooking and set- up an exhaust fan in your kitchen. Don’t keep the laundry wet or in one place for long. Keep your plant outside. Use a dehumidifier.


5. Keep an eye on your ceiling- Damp surfaces are the home for Molds for e.g ceiling and walls of your bathroom. Keep all the wet surfaces dry and clean as much as possible including the ceilings. Keep checking if there is any sort of leaking from the pipes and fix it ASAP as it can lead to mold on surfaces. Solve it if your house has molds.


6. Put away, always- Keep your kitchen slick and clean. Wash dishes consistently; don't leave messy dishes over-night in the sink as it advances the development of molds, as well as draws in cockroaches. Measures ought to be taken to monitor the cockroach’s increasing population in the house and control it.


7. Keep the pet outside- Animal dander from skin and saliva can have a bad effect on asthma sufferer. If the pet stays indoor then vacuum every day.


Written by –

Shivani Sharma