Are you a smart-phone addict?

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As the world is getting advanced the innovation has expanded quickly. Technology does connect us and give us valuable and pertinent data and yet, the expansion in the use of smartphones has made it more of a nuisance for parents of young adults and adults as well.


Are you someone who takes your phone in the bathroom? On phone during social gatherings?  Super Selfie addict? Looking through your phone while eating or drinking? Can't leave your phone in one place? If the answer for most of it is a YES then you are addicted to your smartphone. 


Here are some tips to curb this addiction and to get more out of life and those precious moments:

•    Manage the amount of time you spend on your phone:

Set a time to time usage of your phone like this is important to understand how much you spend unnecessary time going on shopping sites or any other site in general when you are bored. Once you have the time then you can move on to the next steps.


•    Do things in REAL life:

Once you have sorted your things between you and your phone then you can easily spend more time doing actual things. This could include eating with your family without using your phone on the dinner table or meeting a friend for coffee and keeping your phone inside your bag/ purse or maybe just playing around for real. Enjoy the moments with real people.


•    Delete unused apps:

Just like our body, our phone needs a detox treatment once in a while. Deleting app you don’t need or only used rarely. Don’t have too many apps as they will only tempt you to use your phone more often. Believe in simple and easy lifestyle.


•    Turn off your phone before bed:

Raise your hands if you keep scrolling down your phone at night despite feeling sleepy, I know, we all have been there but it’s time we ditch that. It is challenging but let’s just switch off the internet data or the phone itself before sleeping.  I personally have tried this trick and it actually works. Also, don’t make your phone your first priority in life, have patience and make your morning good. Start your day with healthy human interaction and some peaceful time for your own self.


•    Use an actual alarm clock:

Go old school and switch to those funky alarm clocks, they are still the coolest. So go to the market today and purchase an actual alarm.

Smartphones are intended to enable us to lead better and increasingly profitable lives. But when we succumb to smartphone addiction, we progress toward becoming captives to our phone. This influences our relationships, work, and life. Attempt and escape the cycle. Like its said " It’s never TOO LATE"


Written by -

Shivani Sharma