How does the captain of Indian Football team keep himself so fit?

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We all are aware of the amazing soccer skills of the one and only Sunil Chhetri, the captain of Indian Football Team also know as Indian team skipper. Even though the way he drifts seems quick and effortless but it takes a lot of stamina to do that on-field especially when you are in a competition and people are chasing you. Proud fact about the 34-year-old player, he has an equal number of international goals to the Argentina star footballer Lionel Messi. Both have scored 64 goals but Chhetri has achieved this feat in 22 matches less. The Indian legend gives a lot into his fitness and diet and now is an inspiration for many. Let us take a look at how his fitness routine looks like.


Sunil Chhetri’s Diet Plan

Athletes need to pay special attention towards their diet and Sunil being hardcore athletes makes sure that he eats right to remain in shape.

He starts his day with a bottle of water after waking up. It removes toxins from the body and helps him stay hydrated.


Sunil Chhetri Breakfast

His breakfast is divided into 2 different parts -

Pre-training - It consists of oatmeal with nuts, boiled eggs and fresh juice in the morning.

Post-training - After an hour of workout, he consumes a heavy breakfast which includes brown bread, broccoli, chickpeas, sushi, black olives, tuna fish and red meat.


Sunil Chhetri Lunch

His lunch consists of a plate of greens and boiled veggies and fish or chicken steak followed by a mid-afternoon snack of fruits, some nuts and a glass of fresh milk.


Sunil Chhetri Dinner

He keeps his dinner very simple, the basic rotis, dal, a bowl of vegetables and chicken/ fish/ cottage cheese.

And before going to bed he has his glass of protein shake.


On my cheat days

Just like us, he enjoys spaghetti carbonara or good biriyani and on weekends he grabs his favourite pizzas or burgers.

And not to forget his favourite dish, the mutton curry made by his mother.


Workout routine of Sunil Chettari

It is very important for a footballer to maintain fitness level to last 90 minutes on the field. The Indian football skipper ensures that he spends time in Gym every day to keep up fitness level. He also keeps on posting pictures of his workout on his Instagram account to give his fans workout goals. Apart from picking up weights, he also loves cycling, which has helped in keeping his legs in much better shape and also increased his stamina.


In one of his interview, he said -

“I love doing speed training drills, which is an important aspect of my game, and high-intensity workouts. They are also two major requirements for football. I train six days a week. Taking a day off allows your body to heal, as your muscles need to cool off.

My workout sets are different on the field and at the gym, but everything is specific to football. On the field, I work on shooting techniques. Game-related skill training, weights and cardio are important in the gym.

While I enjoy a good whole body workout, I personally love working on my quadriceps. Along with that, the other muscle groups I focus on are the hamstrings, abs and shoulders. This is also because those muscles get used the most in my sport.”


He is a true inspiration and let’s wish he keeps growing and playing better for our country.


Written by –

Shivani Sharma