Roses are healthy; make most of it this Rose day

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So the valentine week begins and so does the excitement. Rose is the symbol of love but only a few know that it is also great for health. Rose, is in extreme business today as its rose day. While this quite looking bloom fills our heart with joy on this special occasion, roses have certain health advantages which give you a valid justification to eat them also.


Benefits of Roses -


Helps in weight loss:

The mixes present in flower petals are extraordinary for weight reduction. Other than this, flower petals are additionally useful in expanding your digestion and henceforth, help consume additional calories in the meantime.


Quick remedy - You can include it in water or make a paste with fenugreek and consume it to shed those additional kilos.


Prevents Acne Scars:

If you have acne scar problem, rose petal paste is amazing for the skin too. They will decrease the inflammation scars over some undefined time frame. Not just this, rose petals will help keep up your facial skin healthy.


Quick remedy - You can just absorb them in water and blend to make a paste. Add this paste to Multani mitti and apply to your face once a week.


Natural Astringent:

Rose petals are preferred astringents over the manufactured ones. Rose astringent will give a decent sparkle to your skin and will likewise limit pores. You can make this astringent at home also.


Quick remedy - All you require is water and rose petals. Make a toner and use it daily.


Relaxes body and mind:  

The calming smell of rose will loosen up your body and mind that will help you stay stress-free in an ideal way.


Quick remedy -Take hot water, include rose petals and include some bath salts when you have a very hectic day, it will help you relax.


Good for sex life -

Rose petals can enhance your sex life as well. As per certain research, utilization of flower petals influences the doshas in our body and enacts your pleasure cells. Flower petals will make your sex life more active. You see why people gift them during a romantic occasion.


Quick remedy - Pluck some petals, wash them well and eat every day. This will not only help you feel energized and revitalized but will also help you feel more sexually active.


Great for good lips -

Roses can work really smooth on your lips Along with giving your lips a pinkish hue; it makes them soft by moisturizing the skin. In addition, rose petals exfoliate your lips and make them look fuller.


Quick remedy: Combine rose petals with milk cream (malai) and honey to make a thick paste. Massage it on your lips and keep it for 10 – 15 mins before washing. 


Happy Valentine’s week


Written by –

Shivani Sharma