Everything you need to know about UTI in children

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Just as UTI is common among adults, it is common in children as well. The main reason why urinary tract infection is caused in children is due to bacterial infections.

Traces of infection occur mainly at the urethra and spreads to the urinary bladder and even to the kidney in severe cases.
Unhygienic conditions play an important role in children UTI. In exceptionally uncommon cases it has been seen that the contamination spread from kidneys to the bloodstream and consequently causing sepsis of the organs.
It has also been seen that most children who show symptoms of UTI are uncircumcised infants and children with severe constipation. However, UTIs are more common amongst the girls as their urethra is shorter. Bacteria from the anus can more easily get into the vagina and urethra.
UTI does not generally happen from outside disease, yet poor working of kidneys and bowel clearance can likewise prompt the formation of UTI contaminations.

How Do Kids Get UTIs?

It happens while pooping or when the bacteria on skin get into the urinary tract and multiply. These terrible germs can cause contaminations anyplace in the urinary tract, which is comprised of the:

• Kidneys, where wastes and extra water out of the blood to make urine are filtered.

• Ureters, which send urine from the kidneys into the bladder

• Bladder, where urine is stored.

• Urethra, which purges urine from the bladder out of the body

UTI may occur in , A bladder disease is called cystitis. Kidney disease is called pyelonephritis.

Signs And Symptoms

•  Pain and burning sensation while urinating
•  The foul odour of urine
•  Urine is cloudy
•  Very high urge to urinate or false urination sensation
•  Nausea and vomiting
•  Diarrhoea
•  Poor appetite
•  Irritability
•  Fever

Diagnosis And Treatment

To diagnose UTI doctors take the help of blood and urine tests, urine culture, and ultrasounds. For this mostly Antibiotics are recommended. In order to prevent UTI in children, adequate hydration, personal cleanliness and hygiene play a very important role.


Written by -

Shivani Sharma