Now tracking your period got easy!

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Isn’t it the most annoying thing when your period gets between your most happening plans? Or you are just clueless about it all the time. Indeed it is but don’t worry, we are here with our new free feature just for you ladies! Introducing’s Menstrual Cycle tracker.


It’s a free feature where women can track their Period, PMSing phrase, Ovulation and Fertility Calendar. This feature won’t just track your period and flow intensity accurately but it’s also a reliable pregnancy calculator, ovulation calendar, and true fertility friend for you. It's a savvy and straightforward female period tracker, exact ovulation schedule, fertility calculator and PMS symptoms tracker for women.


 How steps to start tracking –

•  Download app (Android/IOS)

•  Sign up with your phone number or Email – Id

•  Go in the OFW (only for women) section and click on Menstrual cycle.

•  Select for whom are you tracking

•  Enter your birth year

•  Select your tracking purpose

•  Tell us when was your last cycle started

•  How long was it

•  What’s the cycle length

That’s it. Super Simple!

Now, what’s next?


Here is the list of things you will get -


•  Track your cycle, period days and PMS with the period calendar for Android and IOS

•  Fill in the required details like the cycle length, period length, age and your tracking purpose.

•  Update when the menstruation begins, flow intensity and fertile days in the period calendar

•  Track your fertility window (fertile days) and when do you ovulate to see your opportunity to get pregnant with the ovulation indicator

•  Know the days that are favourable for conception

•  Analyze your current and past cycles, menstrual flow with the menstrual tracker

•  Get notified about upcoming periods, ovulation days, and fertility.



•  You can connect with gynaecologist/ mind counsellor to solve any menstrual problem

•  If you want to increase your chance of conceiving then get assistance from our free sex expert Dr Lelo.



•  Add your daily activity like weight, water consumption every day

•  Log your physical activity every day in the app for Android/IOS

•  Add up your sex drive and moods every day & more



•  Get notifications of your period, ovulation days and fertility

•  Get reminders to change your pad, drink water and more.

•  Get reminders on medication and contraception depending on your contraception type



•  Keep a track of your period, menstrual flow, ovulation, fertility and symptoms history

•  Analyze your cycle and period duration with the menstrual cycle activities.

•  Share your cycle history with doctors.



•  Find out more about your body, cycle, ovulation, fertility and menstrual flow

•  Learn about different period terms, read articles and tips.



You can track multiple menstrual cycles together. Just add the details of the member and switch accounts (without logging out) to track.



If you want to light up your mood during the heavy days, just switch to Ask Saheli. It is a secret world for women where you can gossip about anything and everything without revealing who you are.

Cheers to womanhood!


Download to explore more such amazing features.


Written By -

Shivani Sharma