Get control of your Anxiety Attacks with these

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Do you often stammer or get conscious when you know some event is coming up or you have to meet people or just in a room full of people or it’ hard for you to focus on tasks and you just panic? If it’s a yes then it’s a case of anxiety disorder. Feeling anxious about meeting new people, getting into a new workplace, giving a public speech can push you into panic mode and it is known as ordinary anxiety.


But if these negative sentiments are meddling with your everyday issues, it is a reason for concern. Extraordinary instances of uneasiness can prevent you from entering the lift, take an elevator, cross the street and can aggravate your everyday life.


There are many classifications of anxiety disorder by doctors, like panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, illness anxiety etc.

There are a few symptoms of anxiety:

•    Increased heart rate

•    Fast breathing

•    Trouble focusing

•    Insomnia, etc.


If you are experiencing severe anxiety disorder, here’s how you can deal with it.

Handle Triggers:

It is imperative to distinguish those components causing anxiety. Sit and take a stab at dissecting in the event that you are feeling worried because of work issues, family matters or budgetary inconveniences. Alternate triggers could be smoking, liquor and heaps of caffeine.

Once you figure your trigger, talk to your loved ones or doctor on how to handle it. Get support, go for a holiday and relax.


Try some Behavioural Therapy:

In the event that you are continually experiencing negative musings and emotions, it's an ideal opportunity to go for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Converse with your specialist on how you can deal with negative thoughts, change in the pattern and your response to those sentiments before things become worse.

Healthy Supplements:

Certain wellbeing enhancements can help in prompting positive contemplations and keep your mind upbeat. Have a go at including supplements made of Omega - 3 unsaturated fats, Ashwagandha, valerian root or taste on some green tea and bite dim chocolate to improve your mood.


Take a Deep Breathe:

Try deep breathing as it brings down the pulse and quiets the brain right away. Take a deep breath while counting 4 then hold it for 7 counts and slowly exhale for 5 counts. This strategy cuts down the negative impacts of sudden and unnecessary anxiety attacks.


Make pointers:

Take a diary or your phone note pad and start writing about your feelings at the moment, doing this will help you feel less restless. Specialists suggest this for those experiencing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Recording your idea examples will diminish negative emotions and keep it from happening further.


Written By -

Shivani Sharma