Use Homoeopathy To Reduce Everyday Stress And Improve Vitality

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At some point or the other, most of us haveexperienced certain situations where our heart suddenly starts beating faster and we have sweaty palms and even diarrhoeas without eating anything wrong. These symptoms all point towards the fact that both our mind as well as body are stressed.

Sometimes, stress can be a positive force to perform any activity or interview, but it can be a negative force, say, when you are stuck in traffic or your performance at office is poor. This negative force can cause bodily harm and decrease the vitality of an individual to stay healthy. Poor vitality can lower immunity inviting a host of health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

The common symptoms of stress are sudden sweating, palpitations, headache, diarrhoea, trembling, and anxiety.


Homoeopathy is an art and science of healing that works on both the body as well as the mind. It has the power to strengthen the mind and improve the vitality of the person.These are some of the commonly used homoeopathic remedies that help decrease the stress levels and improve overall health and vitality:

1. Argentum Nitricum: Many emotional symptoms give certain indications for this homoeopathy remedy. This remedy suits you if you are generally, a fearful or nervous person. If you are an anxious person who is oftensad and worries a lot about diseases, then Argentum Nitricum can help you overcomethis stress. For this remedy to work, you have to watch out for certain characteristic symptoms, for example, peculiar mental impulses such as fears and anxieties. Also, it is beneficial for people who are impulsive and tend to do things in a hurry. It is especially helpful for students and office goers who feel dizzy and anxious before any interview or examination.


2. Gelsemium: This remedy comes to rescue when mental complaints start affecting the body. It's useful if one has symptoms such as dullness and they like to be alone and are listless. It's also useful when one is excited or nervous, say, before a stage performance or lives in a constant fear of bad news. General prostration, dizziness, drowsiness, dullness, and trembling of extremities, which could be because of stress and anxiety, can be treated with a few doses of Gelsemium.


3. Arsenic Album: The most striking features of this remedy are extreme exhaustion, and restlessness. These complaints increase at night. People in need of this remedy feel tired at the slightest exertion. These people are in anguish and anxiety and they keep moving here and there. There is a constant fear of death that they harbour without any real reason for it.


4. Ignatia: This remedy is suitable to sensitive individuals who are anxious and have a changeable mood. These people are always sobbing and sighing due to some old grief. This remedy remediessuch melancholic temperaments well. A characteristic indication is that a person is so grieved that they may suddenly burst into tears or laughter.


5. Kali Phos: This is a homeopathy remedy for people who are in depression and have an indisposition to meet people. They are exhausted either by overworking or by their illness. They have anxiety about their health, and due to their mental complaints, they may also end up facing physical ailments such as insomnia and the inability to concentrate.


Consult a homeopathic practitioner to identify the cause behind your persistent stress ad how homeopathy and counselling can help you overcome your situation. Remember, every grey cloud has a silver lining!


Written By -

Shivani Sharma