5 best eye exercises to practice every day!

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How many of you actually take care of your eyes on a daily basis? I’m not talking about being careful with sharp things but keeping them healthy and clear. Keep them clear from outside is not enough; you have to keep it clear and strengthened from inside as well. There are a few diet and exercise that you should follow on a daily basis. Below we have listed 5 best eye exercises to practice every day!


1. Blink is the new wink

Blinking is important to improve your eyesight as it is one of the most fundamental functions. With the world going digital one can’t take off his/her eye from the screen thus leading to poor eyesight. For which blinking jumps in to help reduce strain on the eyes.

Try out the following exercises for multiple times each day and they do wonders:

Take it slow – start blinking your eyes every 30 seconds for 2 minutes.

Make it rapid – Start blinking your eyes every 4 seconds for 2 minutes.


2. Palm down

Allow your eyes to have a loosening up time. Covering your eyes with the palms of your hands is an incredible approach to close out all the light and simply loosen up your eyes. They merit a break after all that seeing and centring they accomplish for all of your days, isn't that right?

How to palm:

- Breathe deeply and relax.

- Rest your elbows on a desk.

- Now shut your eyes.

- Place your palms on your eyes to cover both of your eyes. Don’t press them hard, normally just place them. The right way to do this is to cradle your eyes in the cup of your palms.


3. Move it like 8

Just like us our eyes in general end up being lazy at some point of life and doing this activity will snap them out of it. By doing this activity your eyes will recapture their lost adaptability.

Here's the manner by which you do it:

- Visualize an extensive figure of eight around 8-10 feet away before you.

- Visually turn the 8 on its side; that would resemble an infinity symbol.

- Move your eyes along the shape of this figure eight gradually for approx. 3-5 minutes. At that point switch the direction for a similar measure of time.


4. Focusing

Fortify your eye muscles with this straight forward centre drove exercise. You will chip away at both close and far focusing skills.


- Sit in a comfortable position.

- Hold your thumb 10 at one arm distance

- Now fully focus your eyes and concentrate on your thumb

- Then turn away at something that is approx. 20 feet away.

- Repeat this cycle of taking a gander at your thumb and away at a distant item.


5. Zooming

This is great for strengthening and making your vision clear and sharper.

How to go about zooming:

- Sit comfortably.

- Stretch your arm out giving a thumbs up (as though you were asking for a lift).

- Look at your thumb.

- Slowly draw your thumb closer until it is approx. 3 inches away from your face. Don’t take your eyes off your thumb all this while.

- Now take your thumb back to the original outstretched arm position.

- Repeat this cycle multiple times.


And that’s how to improve eyesight naturally.


Written by -

Shivani Sharma