Follow a healthy lifestyle like MS Dhoni

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Well, we all have seen how strong and amazing MS Dhoni’s games are but that’s not just practice and skills, it takes a lot more than that. No doubt that he is a well-known persona in worldwide and has taken every effort to take Team India to the greatest heights in the sports of cricket but would that be possible if his lifestyle was unhealthy? Of course not! Dhoni makes sure that he never compromises on his diet or fitness routine. Continue reading to get tips and see how MS Dhoni keeps himself healthy and fit:

MS Dhoni Diet Plan

Normally you won’t find Butter Chicken in the diet of an athlete but MS Dhoni seems to break the rule.
• Breakfast: His breakfast includes, Porridge with fresh fruits and nuts along with a glass of milk
• Lunch: He has his Chappatis with Daal or chicken (for added protein) plus Veg Salad. ( His favourite is Butter Chicken)

• Evening snacks: Chicken Sandwich, Yoghurt
• Dinner: Chapathis – 2 or 3, chicken, vegetable salads, fruits etc.

• During Match: Protein drinks and fresh juices. He stays away from soda and soft drink.
Ps – Dhoni is a hardcore India Food lover.

Extra things about MS Dhoni Diet Plan:

- No fatty food, stay away from them they are a no-brainer
- Protein powder is an isolated nutrient source, so it provides a lot of nutrition for relatively few calories. Athletes do need considerable amounts of protein; far above the normal recommended daily allotment because maintenance, repair, and growth of lean muscle mass all depend on protein.

-  Dhoni has a special corner for Milk and dairy foods -
* They are healthy foods and considered nutrient-rich because they serve as good sources of calcium and vitamin D as well as protein and other essential nutrients.
* They provide phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B12, and riboflavin.
* Milk provides all the essential nutrients for recovery. For optimal recovery after exercise, athletes muscles require carbohydrate to refuel and protein for repair. Foods such as breakfast cereal with milk, flavoured milk, and fruit smoothies provide carbohydrate and protein along with many other essential nutrients.

MS Dhoni Workout Routine

Earlier it was considered that Cricketers are certainly not the fittest athlete on the planet, but as we see it’s changing. The level of the game has gone through major changes and thus the physical demands made on a cricketer’s body have also increased dramatically. Adding to that, standing on squat position behind the wicket for MS Dhoni requires peak fitness level.

In order to give his best, dhoni focuses on his strength training. Some of the favourite gym workouts of MS Dhoni are:
• Machine Chest Press
• V-Grip Lateral Pulldown
• Dumbbell Chest Press
• Lateral Pulldown
• Prone Dumbbell Rowing
• Alternate Dumbbell Curl
• Walking Lunges with Dumbbell
• Single Leg Deadlift
• Reverse Lunges on Bench

It’s not hard to get fit; everyone is allowed to have cheat meals if they sincerely follow a proper diet and fitness routine.

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Written by –

Shivani Sharma