AB de Villiers fun Diet and Fitness plan

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We as an entire apprehend AB De Villiers as a standout amongst the most effective worldwide player. Since AB was planned and raised in a particularly athletic family he believes in maintaining a match body and sky-high engages in a regular workout and gym sessions whilst eating the right kind of meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here is a sneak-peek into his healthy life.


AB's Workout session

He mainly works on his endurance His workout includes regular runs on the treadmill that are of prime importance for every cricketer as it increases an athletes endurance, which prevents fatigue and improves stamina. While maintaining his daily cardio schedule, to improve his agility and limit odds of damage, he plays out a progression of floor activities, for example, planks, leg pulls, and other core exercises. He religiously pursues his exercise routine and doesn't settle on working out.

AB’s Diet Special

AB has planned his diet very strategically. He has made sure that the right amount of nutrients that are necessary to help him maintain his strength and perform better is included. The diet should be rich in protein and carbohydrates for proper growth of muscles and energy. His diet relies heavily on cereals, milk, chicken, eggs, and fish (usually salmon or tuna). He keeps his body fuelled by drinking protein shakes.
Since he has to travel a lot because of his matches, De Villiers keeps a fit corner for his cheat days. His favourites are seafood and Italian dishes. He tends to indulge in his two top guilty pleasure - pasta and different kinds of sea food, along with a tall glass of his favourite red wine. During his fun time with friends/family enjoys eating some junk food like pizzas, burgers and fries. We all have seen the pictures on his Instagram.

We all should learn how to balance healthy and junky food life and stay fit.

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