KL Rahuls top 5 Fitness Workouts

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We can say that Kannur Lokesh Rahul, (commonly known as KL Rahul ) is the future star of Indian cricket team after setting the record for the fastest 50 in India’s most prestigious domestic T20 league in 2018 and now rocking the IPL 2019. Being a sports person takes a lot more than just playing on the ground, there are a lot back efforts that show the results. The reason behind his success is his strong dedication towards fitness.

In an interview, Rahul discussed a few of his favourite exercises as part of a circuit fitness routine for anyone looking to shape up. He likes to push the boundaries of the fitness world with his ‘stay fit no excuses’ attitude. Let’s see the top 5 workouts that keep him lean...



This is a simple exercise which needs no equipment and gives some great results, the push-up targets much of the body since it engages the arms, core, and back muscles.


Box Jumps

This one is KL Rahul’s favourite exercise as it really helps in building the explosive power. It is a variation for a jump squat; instead of landing on the ground after a jump squat, he lands on a box which helps increase body and spatial awareness.


Front Squats

Rahul does this exercise with a barbell across his chest. It adds weight to an already solid exercise like the squat, which means his quads; hamstrings and calves get super strong.


Battle Rope Waves

This great fight rope practice focuses on Rahul's entire upper body area. The activity needs his core to be supported while continually moving his arms so it takes a shot at his biceps, triceps, bears and back muscles.



His technique to do this is with his palms towards him (underhand hold) and with his jawline going over the bar. The activity qualities the muscles of his arms and back.

His exercise routine additionally comprises of cardiovascular endurance exercises like running, exercising with battling ropes and kickboxing. What's more, indeed, he doesn't have a week by week off from his routine. Well, this seems like quite a dedicated commitment towards fitness.

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Shivani Sharma