Tips on how to live healthy and for longer

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We all are loved by our elders and they never miss a chance to give us blessings for longer life, they often say “jug-jug jiyo, 100 saal jiyo, etc... but are these blessings enough to live longer while  you keep your lifestyle unhealthy and live your life carelessly? Of course not, there are certain preventive measures that you need to take in order to live healthily and for longer that we have mentioned below –

1. Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a diet is not as simple as it sounds, particularly when you're juggling your work, family and social responsibilities. It might entice, for instance, to get a speedy bite at a cheap food chain on your mid-day break or request takeout amid late evenings at the workplace.
But a recent study found that a poor diet leads to one in five deaths. It can likewise prompt issues like hypertension and diabetes. A decent eating regimen, according to the researchers, contains minimally processed, whole foods and grains, vegetables, organic products, nuts and any common wellspring of protein (i.e., fish and beans)

2. Exercise daily

It’s absolutely essential to set aside time to exercise.
Doing Physical activities have been appeared to help keep up solid body weight, keep up sound bones, muscles and joints, promote psychological well – being and decrease the danger of specific illnesses, including cancer.
The main idea is to avoid inactivity, which can be a problem for those who have desk jobs. A few solutions: Get a standing desk, take walking meetings or dedicate 30 minutes of gym time before or after work.

3. Keep a healthy weight

Weight control fundamentally diminished the danger of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular hazard factors and breast cancer
A “healthy” weight shifts from individual to individual, however, a weight file (BMI) somewhere in the range of 18.5 and 24.9 is viewed as sound.
Make it a point to gauge yourself regularly — not in a fanatical way, obviously. An investigation found that the individuals who checked their weight less as often as possible were bound to put on weight. Begin seeing the scale as a device to remain inside the healthy range.

4. Limit your alcohol intake

It's difficult to get away from seeing liquor — it appears at party time, meetings, social outings thus significantly more. To overcome long days, some may even depend on liquor as a stimulant in social settings. In any case, there are numerous drawbacks. First off, it can add to your waistline and increment the danger of cancer (i.e., breast, colon and oesophagus).

5. Don’t smoke

It’s been decades since the tobacco industry started losing favours from people. As the wellbeing dangers of smoking have turned out to be progressively clear, there's been more exertion effort in warning people about the dangerous side effects.

6. Do Preventive check-ups –

It is very important that you keep doing body checkups on a regular basis, take required medicines and never avoid any sort of symptom. These things will help you stay healthy and fit.

7. Be careful –

Take every step carefully. Cross the roads like a responsible citizen, not like a careless buffalo. Don’t take the risk of going places that can be dangerous. Also, be careful with the diseases that are flowing around. Cover yourself properly, sneeze using a hanky and ask others to do the same.


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Written By -

Shivani Sharma