What causes Thyroid in Women?

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The thing about thyroid in women is that you can’t identify it easily but yet again it’s a common problem. The thyroid gland is a standout amongst the most significant organs of the body. It is in charge of discharging those hormones in the body that keep up the body's digestion. It is situated in the neck, simply under Adam's apple. Hereditary elements and a wrong way of life can prompt under or workaholic behaviour of the thyroid gland. We have listed some of the signs of thyroid issues.

Weight Gain

One of the surest indications of thyroid issues is unexpected weight gain. We are talking something like ten kgs increment in weight in a range of a few months. A lazy thyroid gland decreases the body's ability to process fat (metabolise fat) and consequently prompts troubling weight gain.

High Cholesterol Levels

Women suffer from high cholesterol if they have imbalanced thyroid hormone levels. Since thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism, an imbalance wrecks havoc on the heart health due to high cholesterol levels.

Cold and Hot

The individuals whose thyroid gland functions below normal will locate the climate colder than what it is. Those women who have an overactive thyroid will feel more heated than others on account of more heat generation in the body.


Racing heartbeats or palpitations are a symptom of the functioning of an imbalanced thyroid gland. This is because elevated thyroid hormones will in general influence the body to go into an overdrive mode prompting focusing on the heart and expanding the pulses.

Menstrual Issues

Women who experience the ill effects of inappropriate working of the thyroid gland either have over the top and drawn out or inadequate menstrual flow. For ladies, this is a significant manifestation of thyroid working.

Muscle Ache

Muscular pains form an important part of thyroid malfunctioning. These are due to intense muscular fatigue that wonky thyroid hormones can cause.

Poor Mental Agility

High levels or low levels of thyroid hormones are a significant drawback. They can leave the person feeling sluggish with poor concentration. If left untreated over a period, they can even cause feelings of depression.

Nervousness and Tremors

An overactive thyroid gland can lead to nervousness and tremors in the person suffering from it. This is something of a whiplash effect because of elevated hormone levels.

Altered Bowel Movement

At the point when the thyroid gland isn't working ideally, the individual experiences changed stool designs. The individuals who experience the ill effects of hypothyroidism, for the most part, have a stoppage, and the individuals who have hyperthyroidism experience the ill effects of loose stools.

Uneven Sleeping Patterns

Since the thyroid gland is in charge of brain movement and digestion, sleep pattern changes extensively when the thyroid hormones are imbalanced. Insomnia or an excessive amount of drowsiness even after serene rest should trigger your worry.
If it's not too much trouble note that not all side effects will be available on the off chance that you have a thyroid condition. If you have tick stamped four to five of these side effects, consult your specialist and get a blood test done to know the issue.


Written by -

Padma Lekhi