Can Men Get Breast Cancer as well?

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Yes, male breast cancer does sound strange as it is often thought of as a women-specific disease. Since men do not have breasts, the likelihood of them developing breast cancer is often overlooked. While male breast cancer is rare as it accounts for only one per cent of all cases reported, it is still a health risk. The lack of awareness about the incidence of male breast cancer further compounds the problem.


In the wake of these realities, exposing the fantasies around a male breast cancer turns out to be significantly progressively basic. This is what you have to think about this uncommon condition:


How does male breast cancer develop?

I know, you are wondering that men don’t even have breast then how is it even possible? Right? While it is true that men do not have breasts in the traditional sense, they do have some measure of breast tissue. This tissue in a man's body is practically identical to that of little girls before they hit adolescence. In ladies, the breast tissue becomes inferable from hormonal changes, yet on account of men, it doesn't.

Be that as it may, it’s still breast tissue, which means men also are in the danger of creating harmful development here.


Incidence of Male Breast Cancer

As mentioned before, the likelihood of a man developing breast cancer is a lot less than a woman. The chances of men under 35 years of age developing breast cancer are minimal. The risk grows with age, and most breast cancers in men are reported between ages 60 to 70. Since there is often a delay in diagnosis, the possibility that cancer has been sitting around for some time before it is detected cannot be ruled out. Like all other forms of cancer, the exact cause of male breast cancer remains elusive.


Signs of Male Breast Cancer

–  Finding a lump or a swelling which may be painless

–  Dimpling or puckering of the skin around the breast region

–  Nipples turning inwards or retracted

–  The scaly skin around the breast and redness

–  Some discharge from the nipples

Now and again this kind of malignancy spreads to the lymph hubs under the arms or even around the collarbone area. It happens as swelling or knot. This may happen even before a tumour in the breast is observed which is enormous enough to be seen or felt.

However, there is a possibility that not all of these changes may be a sign of male breast cancer. But still, if these do occur, consult a doctor.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer signs are same for men n women and the most indicative sign is a lump in the chest. Many a time, these unusual growths may be left unnoticed by men further they may develop more alarming symptoms like bleeding from the nipples, which is often a sign that cancer has spread.

Like in women, male breast cancer is diagnosed through tests such as mammography and biopsy, besides physical examination. Depending on the type and stage of cancer, treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, or biological therapy may be advised.

Even though male breast cancer is uncommon, it doesn’t hurt to keep a vigilant eye on any unnatural developments in the body. Timely detection is often the best fix with regards to disease, as the chances of restraining the development of malignant cells and recuperation is a lot higher in the underlying stages.


If you see any of these signs you can consult a doctor online on Medicalwale.com


Written By -

Padma Lekhi