Read this before you use a sanitizer

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Sanitizer is now a major part of our life. We often see sanitizers in many cafes/ hotels and you would find yourself applying it again n again, sometimes even without noticing! Using it has become habitual.

But tell us, how many of you, who use hand sanitizers, actually know it's pros and the cons? Have you ever thought that it can cause certain damages too? Here are some facts you should know:

1. Antibacterial hand sanitizers kill the good bacteria on the skin. We need these bacteria as they are important in replenishing the bacterial flora in the intestines that inhibit loose motions!

2. Antimicrobial hand sanitizers help only to get rid of bacteria and not virus or fungi. So if there is a viral infection like the flu or cold or viral conjunctivitis in or around your surroundings then applying a hand sanitizer is futile.

3. Hand sanitizers (most of them) contain an ingredient referred to as Triclosan or Triclocarban. This kills the ‘good’ bacteria but inadvertent use of it in children (without a doctor’s advice) can cause early puberty!

Yes, the triclosan/ triclocarban will get absorbed into the body and cause raised levels of androgenic hormone according to a study.

4. Hand sanitizers are flammable (because they need alcohol) and like every flammable product (matchbox or firecrackers) they need to be kept out of the reach of children.

5. Hand Sanitizers contain a high level of isopropyl or ethyl group alcohol.
Excessive use will cause absorption through the skin resulting in potentialities like poisoning, shortness of breath, dizziness and stomach pain. Again a very important reason why you ought to keep it far from kids.

6. If your hands are soiled because of dirt or mud or blood... a hand sanitizer is useless. You will need to use soap and water to remove that layer of grime. And after using soap (which is an antiseptic in itself due to its surfactant action) a hand sanitizer is of no use.

7. Hand sanitizer is one of the common reasons that people are getting Hand Dermatitis. Yes, the alcohol removes the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and thus makes the skin very dry.

So just keep a distance from hand sanitizers. Go old-school and use hand wash/ soaps to get rid of the dirt. It is a safer and a better option than a hand sanitizer. Also, try using sanitizer just under critical conditions where there is no water!


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Written by -

Shivani Sharma