Text neck can make your life a heck!

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With the developing innovations, the world is now accessible with your phone. We are constantly on our phone, switching from app to app. Do you know on an average individuals send around 250 and 2,000 texts per month? that’s nearly 70 messages a day.

Even when not reading or sending texts, you may still look down at your phone for other reasons. Almost everyone owns smartphones, utilising the gadgets to do everything from web-based banking to applying for jobs. Such an excess of looking down is awful news for your neck.

You set as much as 60 pounds of weight on your neck when you twist it to look down at your phone. Your head weighs somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 pounds, yet gravitational destroy carries the weight to higher levels relying upon the point of your neck. The range of problems that develop based on chronic smartphone overuse is called “text neck.”

Slipping Spines and Irritations

Text neck can result in pain in the neck and upper shoulders, headaches, and a change in the curve of the neck. Like other overuse issues, such as tennis elbow or runner’s knee, it can also lead to problems that can get worse over time, including:
• Arthritis
• Herniated and bulging discs
• Muscle strain
• Pinched nerves

These problems are starting to show up more in younger patients. Because many teens are so frequently using cellphones and smartphones, and because they may not be as aware of their posture as they should be, they may have neck pain that they don’t realize is related to checking their smartphones.
Prevent text neck from taking over

1. Change how you hold your phone
Hold the screen to your eye level with the goal that your head isn't slumped forward or excessively high. Rather, keep a neutral spine so your ear is in line with your shoulders. This will shield you from holding a forward-head pose for a drawn-out timeframe.

2. Keep your phone aside
Frequent breaks from the screen can help, regardless of whether it's only a few minutes consistently. Getting rid of the habit of looking down is my first suggestion to preventing and alleviating tech neck, but that’s highly unlikely for most people. So instead it is recommended that people try to consciously take breaks from their phones. Set reminders on your phone or computer, or use a sticky note. These small cues can make a huge difference.

3. If the pain is major, see an expert
If you experience prolonged pain, it is best to visit a pro before it turns into something major and affects you in future.

4. East or west, yoga is the best
The best way to treat and prevent neck and back pain is yoga. You must have heard, yoga se he hoga, as it improves movement patterns, increases body awareness, and incorporates breathwork. Neck pain is caused by a muscular imbalance, such as tight rhomboids, but daily yoga sessions can help correct those differences.
Technology will keep growing but you need to focus on your health first. So don’t go crazy over gadgets, use them wisely.

Written by-

Shivani Sharma