AromaMusk's Premium Quality Organic Rose Water is made using the Best, Organically grown Rose Petals. Rose water possesses the sweet delicate scent of the roses which can offers soothing property to nerves and regarded as a mind sedative and anti-depressant. It can hydrate & cleanse the skin, act as a natural skin toner and help tighten pores. It is a natural solution for maintaining skin's pH balance and soothing redness and irritation. - 100% Organic & pure - Chemical Free - Paraben Free - Alcohol Free. Applications: Hair Care: Can be used as a hair toner by applying directly to scalp before showering. Skin Care: Apply on cleansed face as a natural toner to balance pH levels & close pores.

WEIGHT 3.4 fl oz/100ml Each Bottle
DIMENSION (L*W*H) 4 * 4 * 15

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