Indus Valley Lightest Blonde Color is composition of 9 natural Certified Organic herbs which gives natural color with lighter shade, Color after application is pictorially mention on the box, Model on the box depicts the color, Indus Valley Light Blonde Shade also helps in preventing the hair problems like spilt ends, dandruff and hair fall. Natural herbs like Henna, jojoba oil, Sunflower not only gives you color but also prevent from UV rays, antidandruff and also nourishes hair scalp with the fragrance of orange etc.

Directions Take powder sachet and Gel Tube according to your usage.Mix them in a plastic bowl or glass bowl, then apply to your hair with the help of application brush with comb and then leave it for 30-35 minutes.After that wash it off with the colour protective shampooing conditioner and style your hair accordingly.
Item type Gel and powder both.
Length 85
Width 60
Height 186
Ingredients Sunflower, organic basil, wheatgram oil, jojoba oil, honey comb, organic henna, orange, aloe-vera, organic amla.
Gender 1,2
Shelf life 1095
Contains glass? No
Is liquid? No

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