MI GWANG CONTACT LENS CO. LTD. is by far the largest and best known company in the field of contact lens industry in Korea. We have made a significant efforts to satisfy customer's needs by providing beautiful eye colour with cutting-edge technologies. We continuously strive to produce precise and safe products through our Quality Management System. Comfort and Stability of Special Invert Padding: The medical grade pigments used in this product had been approved by the FDA and is manufactured under the regulations of KFDA. Hence, it is considered safe for contact lens wearers. This special invert Padding prevents surface protrusion and the color does not run. It will also give wearers greater comfort, as it prevents centre movement and vision problems associated with dry eyes condition. KEY Features Water Content: 42% DK: 10 Base Curvature: 8.60 Diameter: 14.50 Power: Plano (0.00) Design: Sandwich Material: pHEMA Modality: Yearly

Disclaimer Please check your local laws before purchasing this product
Safety warnings Please contact your practitioner in case of redness in the eyes
Item type Contact Lenses
Units 1 Pair (2 Lenses)
Weight 50 grams
Gender 1,2
Country China
hazardous No
Has expiration? Yes
Shelf life 60
Contains glass? Yes
Is liquid? Yes

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