Indus Valley Wicked Cool Natural Deodorant is a deostick which is enriched with amazing fragrance which fight against bad body odor. It?s a roll on deostick which can be applied on your body on a regular basis and has a unique formula to capture bad body odor as long as 12 hours. It is 100% organic and natural and it has 0% parabens, Aluminum and Alcohol and it is completely safe to use. Mostly recommended by dermatologists and certified by Halal and Bio-Natural makes it an absolute safe choice for use.

Directions (1) After cleaning your armpits with during shower,part dry with towel.(2) Apply the roll on deo stick evenly over your underarm region.(3) Allow sometime to air-dry and then put on your clothes for best long-lasting impacts.
Item type Cream
Length 58
Width 30
Height 110
Ingredients Propylene Glycol,Alovera leaf juice(Organic),sodium stearate,Witch Hazel,zinc Rinicoleate,Glyceryl Laurate,Chammomile Flower Aqueous Exact,Hops Exacts,Caprylic Capric, Triglyceride,Coconut(Cocos nucifera)oil,Glycerine,Ascorbic acid.
Gender 1,2
Shelf life 1095
Contains glass? No
Is liquid? No

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