Hear what your sensory organs are trying to tell you

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Do you know our body can talk? Different signs and symptoms are the way they talk and indicate us. Be it a normal cramp or a dangerous disease. One day you’re completely fine and the other your head starts aching and you cannot understand what went wrong? You suddenly zone out and cannot hear a thing what the other person is taking? Or for that matter your vision becomes weak? Well, let me enlighten you that it your organs are trying to tell you something and it’s time you listen to them.

Illness won’t come until n unless you sent them your address, right? In short, we are the one who invite them and we need to stop it because like everything else in life, our body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our body always talks to us, but the way to understand what it means is to listen careful what it is trying to convey. Believe it or not, every cell in our body responds to every single thought and word that we speak.

Our continuous patterns of thinking and speaking produce our body behaviors which either creates our postures, our eases or diseases. Our mental patterns are depicted by the way our organs start responding towards it.

As mentioned earlier, our organs represent our mental patterns. New affirmative thought patterns are very important in order to create a healthy body. In this hectic and so jammed up life; we are always surrounded with different types of thoughts and ideas. We rate, shake, judge and make our own world of insecurities, anxiety and fear around us. This not only affects our mind but our organs too. 

Our main sensory organs Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin are central in processing information from all the stimuli that bombards the body continuously. Without these we would not be able to make sense of our environment and surroundings.


So what are your sensory organs trying to tell you?

Our eyes represent the capacity to see. Apart from having hereditary or scientific issues it is said that it occurs when there is something we do not want to see, either about ourselves or about life: past, present or future. If one can’t change the experience, they will diffuse the sight so they don’t have to see it so clearly. Are you negating what’s happening right now? What don’t you want to face? Are you afraid to see the present or future? Can you now see what you are doing to yourself?

Talking about ears, they represent the capacity to hear. When there are problems with the ears, it is said that it usually means something is going on which you do not want to hear. An earache would indicate that there is anger about what is heard.  Ear aches are common with children. They often have to listen to stuff going on in the household they really don’t want to hear. Household rules often forbid a child’s expression of anger and the child’s ability to change things creates an ear ache. Deafness represents longstanding refusal to listen to someone. Notice that when one partner has a hearing impairment, the other partner often talks and talks and talks.

Our skin, it presents individuality. These skin problems are caused when we feel our individuality is being threatened somehow. We feel others have power over us. We are thin-skinned. We tend to allow things to get under our skin.

Nose, our capacity to inhale breathes. Problems with lungs like asthma indicate suffocation. Our lungs represent the capacity to take in and give out life. Problem with lungs indicate that we afraid to take in life or we feel we do not have the right to live life fully. Asthma usually occurs when there is a feeling that you do not have the right to breath for yourself. The feeling of ‘unworthy’, ‘guilt’ etc takes over making one feel they are in a wrong environment.

Our tongue represents the capacity to mix things and allow things to follow. Our mouth connected with our throat represents our ability to “speak up”, to “ask for what we want”. When we have throat problems, it is said that it usually means we do not feel we have the right to do these things. We feel in adequate to stand up for ourselves.  Sore throats are always anger. If there is any cold involved, it means there is mental confusion. LARYNGITIS usually means you’re so angry you cannot speak.

So, it is not what happens but it is how we react to it. So, what did you hear today?


Written by -

Padma Lekhi