Can fatty liver be treated with Homeopathy?

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The liver breaks downs everything that you eat or drink. If too much fat gets accumulated in the liver, this interferes with digestion.

Fatty liver is a non-infectious disease which is common in many conditions such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, disease of malnutrition (such as kwashiorkor and marasmus) alcoholic liver disease, from exposure to drugs and toxic metals.

Fatty liver disease can occur even in those who do not drink alcohol.Fatty liver is a reversible condition where triglyceride, a kind of fat, accumulates in liver cells. Fatty liver diseaseplays a vital role in the development of cardiovascular disease, it is associated with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance and it has a strong relation with metabolic syndrome

Statistics say that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is estimated to be around 9-32% in the general Indian population.

Symptoms of fatty liver

Many patients may not show any symptoms until the fat deposition is adequate enough to cause damage to the liver. The symptoms include tiredness,pain on the right side of the abdomen, jaundice,weight loss etc.

Early diagnosis and management of fatty liver is of vital importance. Exercise and dietary modifications are essential in the management of fatty liver.

Homeopathic treatment of fatty liver



This remedy is beneficial for the patient who is egotistic, haughty and dominating. They have less confidence which is masked by boasting and show off. Lycopodiumisoften usedto treat fatty liver where even a few mouthfulsfill the stomach and are accompanied with acidity. Usually, the symptoms get worse between 4-8 pm. Starchy food makes the patient’s acidityworse. There is craving for sweets and hot drinks.


This is a common remedy to treat a fatty liver. There is pain inthe right upper quadrant of the abdomen. The liver is enlarged and the patient suffers from constipation  with nausea and vomiting. The patient will also suffer from weakness. The patient craves for hot food and drinks.

Cardusmarianus—.Pain is experienced in the right upper side of the abdomen, in the liver region. Soreness and fullnessis accompanied withsweating. Constipation is present and the stools are hard, knotty and alternate with diarrhoea.


Chionanthusacts powerfully on the enlarged and obstructed liver.Stools are clay-coloured and undigested. There is absence of bile, there isrecurring jaundice and high-coloured urine.


The tongue has a brown coloured coating. Complexion of the skin is yellow. There is thirst for something cold. There is acidity, vomiting and flatulence. The person cannot bear tight clothing. There are loose stools in the morning. A person with these symptoms along with a fatty liver can benefit tremendously with this remedy.


The patient is not able to retain food as it causes vomiting. The patient cannot tolerate clothing around the waist and cannot lie on right side. There is aversion to meat and craving for stimulants and sugar. When a patient with fatty liver has these symptoms, he will receive immense benefit with crotalus.

Homeopathy can help to reverse a fatty liver with ease, safely and naturally.


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Padma Lekhi