She pledged to face the toughest game of life

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An amputated leg couldn’t stop her from reaching the top of the world.

In 2011, a national level volleyball player, Arunima Sinha from Uttar Pradesh was pushed out of a moving train by some robbers when she refused to hand them her gold chain. She lost her left leg as a train passing in the opposite direction went over it. Even though she was completely helpless and alone, the spirit of a player didn’t let her give up. As she kept calling out for help the entire night and ultimately people from a nearby village came to her rescue and took her to a hospital the next morning.

While dealing with such an extreme agony of life with the spirit of a real warrior, she had to go through the stigma of society which speculated the reason for her accident. Some newspapers penned down that she attempted suicide while some whispers questioned, “Who will marry you now?”


On that day she pledged to prove them wrong by taking upon the objective of facing the toughest game of life – mountaineering. To prove her efficiency, she vowed to conquer the highest peak of the world – Mount Everest.

As soon as she got discharged from the hospital, she contacted Bachendri Pal – the first Indian woman mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest and thereby signed up for training under her Uttarkashi camp. During her journey of training, she had to overcome a lot of obstacles as even her bones weren’t joined by the time she opted for the training. Unlike other physically healthy people, she had to spend 3 hours alone to reach the base camp from the road head instead of few minutes. However, her firm determination and zest let nothing estrange her purpose.


On the day she was destined to attempt the summit of Mount Everest, her Sherpa broke the unfortunate news that their oxygen levels were exhausting speedily because of which she was told to attempt the summit the next day. However, Arunima was extremely dedicated and adamant to complete the summit the same day.

She went ahead with her determination, walking on the broken pieces of ice because of her amputated legs. After reaching camp 3, she came across dead bodies which extremely frightened her. Watching that, she promised herself that she is going to complete the summit for herself and for all the dead people and return back alive.


Because of her diminishing oxygen levels, after reaching Hillary step, her Sherpa told her to return back as the oxygen was getting over which could have costed her life. But the only thought running through her mind was that she wouldn’t let this go as golden chances do not return again which she got in the form of her sponsorships.   

Eventually, her hard work and firm purpose led her to the pinnacle of Mount Everest and her success at 10:55 am on 21st May 2013. She describes those few minutes at the top to be the best moment of her life where she wanted everybody, especially the youth of India to know that she had conquered it.


A figure like Arunima Sinha is surely the epitome of strength and determination who didn’t gave up no matter what the odds were. Arunima Sinha has now dedicated her life towards social work and is donating all the financial support she gets for the same purpose.


Written by-

Padma Lekhi