The man who cheated death thrice!

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He still had the spirit of a fighter alive in him


When Michael Crossland was just 11 months old, he was diagnosed with a deadly, rare and incurable type of cancer – ‘stage 4 Neuroblastoma’ which affects the central nervous system. From such a tender age, his entire journey has been filled with life-threatening conditions and the remission of medical conditions. However, the only thing that outshines the severity of his life is his invincible will to seek victory over such battles. 

Since this cancer was extremely rare for which treatment wasn’t available at all, Michael Crossland was a part of cancer drug trial with 24 other children during his treatment phase. This was the very first event where history marked Michael as a survivor as out of all the 25 people under trial, he was the only one who survived it. The rest died within 90 days as an outcome of the drug which made their bodies feel a burning sensation within the body as well as outside the body. 

Expressing his stance about this frightening event, Michael says, "You can’t help but be scared when the body of other kids infused with that drug is getting wheeled out in a body bag”. However, his will to fight against the odds and overcome them brought his life back to normal.

And when he was 12 years old, he had his first heart attack. Yet he did not let go of hope and turned his focus towards his passion – baseball. His determination and hardwork ultimately led to his selection in the Australian baseball team when he was around 19 years old and was playing for Texas in United States. But life had its own way of testing him with yet another downfall. He had his second heart attack around the same time. This required him to give up on baseball and shift completely towards treatment. This event led to an end of his career which broke him from within. However, he still had the spirit of a fighter alive in him. 

He collected himself again by dusking off the remains of yesterday’s miseries and embracing a different aspiration – to follow a career in corporate finance. His life immediately picked pace and soon enough he rose to the zenith of his career with a lavish life complementing his fortune. However, it persisted only until Global Final Crises took away everything he had.

This separation from materialistic possessions made him so volatile that he was even diagnosed with Meningitis as an impact of his mental state on his physical health. However, he always had an undying determination to defeat every barrier that came across. This event led him to adopt self reflection and indulge into the understanding of various facets of life. Since then, he took up as his purpose to work along every line of success and be a giver for life. 

Having lived a life completely composed of ups and downs, Michael Crossland is now an inspirational speaker, sharing his journey and thereby enlightening millions of hopeless hearts. He has also published his autobiography, ‘Kids don’t get cancer’ which is a bestseller across many countries. He had also featured in several documentaries and radio shows.

Written By-

Padma Lekhi