Finally the Ache din for Emraan Hashmi are here

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There is no better relief than knowing that your child is safe. No one can tell how happy and blessed Emraan Hashmi must have felt when his 9-year-old son, Ayaan was declared cancer free. It was a long 5 years journey for their family and without any doubt, they all stood strong. Emraan Hashmi recently posted an adorable picture with a hearty message saying “Today, 5 years after his diagnosis Ayaan has been declared cancer free. It has been quite a journey. Thank you for all your prayers and wishes. Love and prayers for all the cancer fighters out there, hope and belief go a long way. You can WIN this battle!!! #thekissoflife"


Also, in his earlier interviews, he shared where he lacked as a parent, he said, “It didn’t anyway, in any way make any sense for us because there was no warning sign, there was no accompanying fever, and there was no physical discomfort. There was only one thing that we missed as parents and that was a tumour that had grown on the left side was, there was a bump here and went unnoticed. We thought it (a tumour) was putting on weight and I think the first thing we felt was a feeling of guilt. He was 3 years 10 months then and we’ve made the choices for this kid and where did we go wrong?”


Further to help bring issues to light about the disease and offer their story, Emraan then turned out with a book titled The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer - which narratives his profession, family, the birth of his child, cancer and treatment from that point.

It is very much important to know about cancer and be aware of the symptoms because prevention is better than cure. Keep reading to understand about cancer in kids and what to do if this situation occurs.


Screening for cancer in children

To look for a disease such as cancer when there are no symptoms a Screening test is done. Cancer in children is very rare and screening tests are not recommended for children who are not at the increased risk of cancer. In some children, the chance of developing a specific type of cancer is higher. In order to find the early signs of cancer careful, regular medical check-ups that include special tests is needed.


Possible signs and symptoms of cancer in children

Numerous cancers in kids are discovered early, either by a kid specialist or by guardians or relatives. Yet, cancer in youngsters can be difficult to perceive immediately in light of the fact that early side effects are frequently similar to those caused by substantially more common illnesses or injuries. Youngsters regularly become ill or have knocks or wounds that may cover the early indications of cancer. Cancer in kids isn't normal, yet it's imperative to have your child checked by a specialist if they have irregular signs or indications that do not go away, such as:

•    An unusual lump or swelling

•    Unexplained paleness and loss of energy

•    Easy bruising

•    Ongoing pain in one area of the body

•    Limping

•    Unexplained fever or illness that doesn’t go away

•    Frequent headaches, often with vomiting

•    Sudden eye or vision changes

•    Sudden unexplained weight loss

Most of these symptoms are much more likely to be caused by something other than cancer, such as damage or disease. In any case, if your child has any of these side effects, see a specialist with the goal that the reason can be found and treated, if necessary.


Seeing a doctor

The specialist will get some information about the restorative history and indications, and examine your child. If cancer is a conceivable reason, the specialist may arrange imaging tests, (for example, x-rays) or different tests. At times if a strange lump or a tumour is discovered, the specialist may need to expel a few or every last bit of it with the goal that it very well may seen under a microscope for cancer cells. This is known as a biopsy.


So be very careful with every injury or damage and keep your child safe from cancer.


Here's sending loads of affection and great wishes to Emraan's child. This truly proofed if there's a will, there is a way.


Written by –

Shivani Sharma