Angina is a state of intense chest pain which is generally squeezing and cutting kind of chest pain. Angina can be having multiple triggering factors and depending on the organ which has been needing attention. It can be due to lungs involvement, heart or due to intense acidity resulting into heart burn.

The symptoms can accompany like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache is generally accompanied with angina. Generally, there are chances that angina can be a symptom of Heart attack (myocardial infarction) some which can result into fatal condition. In case of chest pain the first thing should be to have talk with your doctor but there are some alternative measures which you should take for better lifestyle.

Remedies which help you fight:

1. Keep your mind fresh:

Stress has always been ‘the’ thing during pregnancy, especially if you are becoming mother for the first time. The anxiety about a new life entering your world combine with excitement is also a challenge. First time when change is happening in the body and acceptance towards one’s new life always give an effect on the health of ours, which is quite physiological but it doesn’t mean that we do not express.

We do need to overcome that; simple measures which are always recommended can be taken like,

-Meditation, Yoga, Breathing exercises.


2. Controlling the Sodium:

Salt intake is always being high, especially in Indian diet. We have to control the salt intake as the first measure to fight hypertension. Increase in salt means increase in risk.

A proper diet with lots of water and fruits is advised and eating it with proper timing can help our body a lot. Salt should be generally taken on 5 mg per day but due to our consumption of spices we take it in our one-time meal which equals to consuming 4-5 times normal requirement of salt resulting in hypertension, increased cholesterol which is pre-factor for Angina or any heart related disease.


3. High fatty food, Nah nah!

Highly saturated oily food can be predominant in increasing heart risk diseases, it is the cause of obesity and at mental level also it can result into distress. Our body and mind is the reflection of what we eat and food does that to us. Hence increase intake of raw vegetables and avoiding fatty food helps a lot.


4. Vitamin C should be in:


Lemons and oranges are examples of vitamin c supplements which help in reducing cholesterol. They contain flavonoid which have effects on blood vessel and also helps in reducing the cholesterol. Regular consumption of Vitamin C has also effect on your weight which in result helps in increasing metabolism. Tomatoes also have its special significance with the heart, when we cut the tomatoes it resembles the four chambers of healthy heart, ofcourse if it isn’t stale ones. But yes, the vitamin C rich fruit is helped a lot to keep our heart healthy.


5. Nuts and seeds to make it right!


Almonds: Generally dry fruits and nuts have their bad reputation due to its fat content but they are essential fats needed by the body its growth.Contains fibres and phytochemicals which has action on keeping the heart healthy.

Flaxseeds: Again, a food item with its multiple actions, not only used for hypertension but helps keeps our immunity levels keeping our body away from all the infections. With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids preventing our heart to become weak.


6. Say No to Smoking and Alcohol:


Smoking and Alcohol are known to be highly risky consuming items which can lead to death. Generally smoking is known to be gradually fatal and it can risk lots of system of your body. Smoking does not have effect on your heart but also on your lungs. Whenever the person is undergoing chronic chest pain smoking should be quite as it can be a cause or a triggering factor. Alcohol has been known to be having effect on nervous system which includes our brain and nerves. It has affection towards liver also leading to degeneration. In case of angina, Alcohol can cause acidity which is intense leading to heartburn and Angina. So quitting alcohol and smoking is a good idea.


7. Healthy body, Healthy life:

​​​​​​​​Exercise is generally the last thing in mind even though we are in healthy state when we will be under this painful condition, then how we will manage? Exercise does not always mean the vigorous one’s which requires lots of muscle stretching leading to exertion but it also means simple light brisk walking. Overweight can be a cause of your joint pain, in case of any obesity the joint pain can lead to further life-threatening complication and generally old age diseases are a part with Diabetes and Hypertension. So, a brisk walk daily and good stretch of muscle, yoga can help you in healing your diseased condition.

Angina’s time should be noted especially if it is happening at 4 am in night, please consult this with your cardiologist as certain hormones released at night can be triggering it if you are in vulnerable group the thing should be addressed.

Happy Health!


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Written By-

Hafsa Zamindar