Headaches are one of the most common medical issues that affects many people at one time or another. Headaches can be classified into three types: migraine headache, tension headache and cluster headaches.There can be numerous reasons for headache, for example, physiological changes in the head, narrowing of veins, irregular neuron movement, hereditary causes, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, dehydration, oversleeping, over consumption of painkillers, eye strain, neck strain, etc. People usually use over-the-counter medicines to get relief from headaches. These mom’s remedies will help to provide natural and instant relief from headache.


Method I: Rosemary Herbal Tea


1. Rosemary leaves

2. Water


1. Take few rosemary leaves and crush them.

2. Add it into the vessel of boiling water.

3. Cover the vessel with lid & let it boil for 10 minutes.

4. Let this tea cool down to room temperature, then drink it.

5. Have this twice a day.


Rosemary consists of rosmarinic acid, which has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which help to provide relief from headache.

*Note- If you are an epilepsy patient or have blood pressure issues, then this remedy is not recommended for you.


Method II: Combination Oil


1. Peppermint Oil

2. Almond Oil

3. Olive Oil


1. Take 3 drops of peppermint oil, 1 tsp of almond oil and ½ tsp of olive oil.

2. Mix these oils together.

3. Massage your forehead and temples with this combination oil.

4. You can also make this oil lukewarm and apply.


Peppermint consists of menthol, which helps to open the clogged blood vessels which causes headache. It provides calming and soothing effects. Olive consists of oleocanthal which acts as ibuprofen (natural anti-inflammatory property) in curing the pain.


Method III: Basil Juice


1. Basil

2. Honey

3. Water


1. Take few basil leaves and grind them well.

2. Take chilled water and add this paste into it.

3. Strain the water well, so that the particles of basil paste get’s seperated.

4. Add 1tsp of honey to this water.

5. Refreshing basil juice is ready to sip.

6. Drink this once a day for getting relieved.


Basil juice provides quick relief for mild headaches. Basil has calming and analgesic effects which gives relief to the headache and it also works as a Muscle Relaxant, which relaxes the muscles and soothes the pain.


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Written by: Shraddha Jumani