Even though homeopathy is one of the most sought after branches in medical science, there are other branches of medicine which are equally competitive. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy etc are equally competitive as Homeopathy.

Allopathy is a method of treating diseases that has remedies which produce effects different from those caused by disease itself. It is also called mainstream medicine. While on the other hand, homeopathy is a method  of treating diseases that has remedies which produce effects similar to those caused by disease itself.

Allopathy is practiced by majority of physicians in America. Even though, very few people working outside health domain could define it, it is practiced everywhere and even the general public are aware about this method. For e.g. applying an ice cube on a sprained ankle. Even the bandages could prevent such a thing. In this case, swelling is attacked instead of an injury.While homeopathy uses completely opposite idea. Homeopaths believe that the swelling is naturally healing method of the body.

In general allopathy seeks to fight the natural system of the body by attacking the healing symptoms. But homeopathy considers body’s natural system by encouraging systems of healing or attacking the root cause of any illness. Allopathy takes muscle relaxants for headaches and nasal decongestants for common cold. Homeopath understands that headache means something is wrong. The patient has low blood sugar and needs to eat something.

The debate between allopathy and homeopathy seems worthy. Students must undergo ten years of allopathic medicine education before going for homeopathic practice. Homeopathy is affordable for every people. As long as homeopathy field exists which makes people’s life easier, it is a problem for people to go for allopathy.

Allopaths consider the field of homeopathy to be completely baseless. They claim that none, except few, cases are there where  complete coincidence is an effective treatment for diseases happens to cause symptoms similar to disease when administered to a healthy person. Homeopaths in their defense point to the fact that allopaths never understand the problems of patients but rather pick a few of symptoms  and call it whatever thing comes close to a textbook definition and prescribe a number of medicines that are meant to fight the symptoms not the problem itself.

Even though it appears that the war between allopathy and homeopathy is not going to end soon, homeopathy will never emerge as a runnerup as people prefer it more.


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Written by-                                                                                      

Indu Jayendran